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Arne Jacobsen's Drop Chair Comes Back to Life


A little splash of charming contemporary design. Originally designed in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen, the Fritz Hansen drop chair - Upholstered has a playful personality ideal for today's modern interiors. 

Is there any knowledge as to Jacobsen’s thoughts on the design of the chair or why he went with the drop shape?
From Christian Rasmussen (CR):  The form is, of course, inspired by a drop. But there’s also a functional dimension to the shape – it’s not pure aesthetics. The Drop is designed for the restaurant at The Royal Hotel in Copenhagen – one of Arne Jacobsen’s masterpieces. In the restaurant there was very little space so they needed a chair which was very space efficient, hence the tapered backrest, so you could easily slide into the seat without moving the chair too much.
From Tobias Jacobsen (TJ):  There’s a philosophy of simplicity behind it. If you see all of the things made for SAS Royal Hotel, the drop shape, you can see it through the cutlery, the salt & pepper shakers, the tableware, the glasses. If you see the wine glasses, it’s a drop. So clear.
The Yadea Furniture replica Fritz Hansen drop chair, shell comes in fiberglass and with upholstery in fabric and leather. The base consists of four legs in chromed steel tubes. The tear-shaped chair is lovely and comfortable in your houses, rooms and offices or commercial area and hotels. This compact chair with rare heritage is as fresh and vibrant today as it was back then.
Keywords in the article: Designed in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen, the Fritz Hansen drop chair has a playful for modern interiors.

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