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Furniture and Pets[ 2013-07-12 ]
Did you have find the way to stop your pet scratching and ruining your furniture
Leather Office Furniture Care And Maintenance[ 2013-07-12 ]
The office chairs is a big cost for any company ,because you have so many employees work for you ,anyone need a office chair ,and the office chair belongs to a middle-high furniture ,so it is a big investment .Many employers choose leather office chairs .
Eames and Eames Aluminum Group Chair[ 2013-07-12 ]
The Eames Aluminum Group Chair is one of the greatest furniture designs of the 20th century.
Buying Comfortable Office Furniture-Eames Aluminum Office Chair[ 2013-07-12 ]
To choose a kind of comfortable chair for your employees is very important ,why say so ? A way to keeping the employees happy is by keeping them comfortable in the office that they work in. The more comfortable they are, the less stress that they feel when reporting for work.
Isamu Noguchi and Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table[ 2013-07-11 ]
The Isamu Noguchi coffee table is a piece of modernist furniture first produced in the mid-20th century.
Leather Sofas Choosing Tips[ 2013-07-11 ]
More and more people like to buy leather furniture ,just like leather chair ,leather sofas ,or leather bench ,because leather furniture feels comfortable ,easily clean and durable .But most of person don’t know how to tell the real leather and fake leather.
Arne Jacobsen and His Chairs[ 2013-07-11 ]
Mentioning Arne Jacobsen we will think of egg chair and swan chair, oppositely talking about egg chair or swan chair we will think of Arne Jacobsen .Why it happens ?Easily to answer that both egg chair and swan chair are designed by Arne Jacobsen .
Take care of your furniture[ 2013-07-11 ]
Your furniture is a huge investment ,just like your car and house ,so if you put a lot of work into your car or house ,you should treat your furniture as the same .
Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair in Black Leather[ 2013-07-11 ]
Arne Jacobsen designed the Egg Chair for the lobby and reception areas in the Royal Hotel, in Copenhagen.
Choose Beautiful Furniture to Decorate Your Home[ 2013-07-11 ]
A nice house always need some beautiful furniture to decorate can be better .So choose suitable and beautiful furniture is very important .
Buy some new furniture for your new house[ 2013-07-10 ]
A new house need some new furniture to decorate to make the house rich and beautiful .If you want to buy some modern classic furniture you can come to Yadea Furniture Co.,Ltd to choose what you want .
Swan Chair,Egg chair and Arne Jacobsen[ 2013-07-10 ]
The Swan chair and the egg chair both are designed by Arne Jacobsen , the Egg chair and the Swan chair, were created for the SAS Royal Hotel which he also designed in 1956.
Eames lounge chair PV021 changes better[ 2013-07-10 ]
The Eames lounge chair we produced have changed better .It is called Eames lounge chair CF021 before ,but now it is Eames lounge chair PV021 ,not just the name have changed but also at the materials and work .
How to buy high quality egg chair[ 2013-07-10 ]
You may have asked yourself or others that how to buy high quality egg chair from so many furniture suppliers ,so many replicas of egg chair in the world ,it is do difficult to buy a good one .Now I will tell something you should be careful when you buy egg chair .
Yadea-your modern life creator[ 2013-07-09 ]
Yadea Furniture Co.,Ltd. can create a modern life for you .
Visit our show room online[ 2013-07-09 ]
Our show room have many newest modern furniture simples ,visit it online
where can a find a high quality replica egg chair[ 2013-07-09 ]
Maybe when you want to a piece of egg chair you always ask a question : where can a find a high quality replica egg chair ?Replica means cheap ,but you must be worry about its quality .I can tell you that you should come to Yadea Furniture to choose what you want .
The difference between egg chair and hanging egg chair[ 2013-07-09 ]
The difference between egg chair and hanging egg chair
egg chair wholesale online[ 2013-07-08 ]
Our Yadea Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair features a molded fibre glass frame, fire retardant polyurethane foam padding, and coverd with 100% italian leather. Wholesale egg chair it’s our Target. This Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair in leather its our hot products. Welcome to buy our dealers.
Quality, Soft Barcelona chair and sofa[ 2013-06-24 ]
The Barcelona chair and sofa is one of most famous Mid-century furniture. Our Barcelona chair and sofa is 100% faithful reproductions. High Density Foam Cushions make our Barcelona chair and sofa more comfortable and durable.
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