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15% off Order Corona Chair


             Corona Chair was designed by Poul Volther in early 1960’s, received instant acclaim. Originally made in solid oak, experimentation with various materials, finally Poul re-release it in steel, which is the style we have seen and popular until now. The chair is inspired by the strength and flexibility of human spine. Its unique design can take any body, fat or thin. 


corona chair


             Getting customers’ recognition is extremely important for us manufacturers. My Danish customer approved our corona chair is very similar with original one. We welcome you join our distributor group. 

             •  Upholstery in Aniline leather / corrected Italian leather / cashmere wool with popular colors

              •  Solid brushed stainless steel bars

              •  360°free swivel

              •  Ottoman available


Corona Chair


             Yadea continues to post record growth. Yadea once again considerably outperformed forecasts and achieved record growth in October 2011. The online furniture store chalked up sales of 10,000 products during the period, building on the expansion of the preceding months. 

             For more information about Yadea Corona Chair, visit the company's websites



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