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2 Leather Chairs That Your Home Needs


Like marble and books and wood floors, some interior decor will always be in style. Leather is definitely one of those classic mediums that will always match in your home, no matter how many times you redecorate. A good leather chair is the perfect piece of leather furniture to add to your home when you want the material but can’t afford a leather sofa. Chairs are much more affordable and they’ll be timeless in your living room, whether your couch is pink or blue or yellow. To get an idea of what glory you’re in for, here are 2 leather chairs that your home needs.

Don’t underestimate the basic leather armchair. Adding this piece to your home can satisfy multiple kinds of styles like masculine, industrial, country and even modern. The best part is that you don’t need to buy your leather armchair brand spanking new. If you find one in an antique shop or second hand, you can totally use the bit of wear and tear to your advantage. It will look so inviting sitting next to your couch in the living room. Or use one in the bedroom to create a cozy reading nook.

Hans Wegner PP225 Chair

PP225 Flag Halyard Lounge Chair, Inspired by Hans Wegner’s original modern design. The surfaces of the PP225 chair are made of plaited flag halyard with longhaired sheepskin which can soften the angle of the steel frame and make it comfortable. PP225 flag chair comes with premium leather pillow which can be upholstered with different materials and color.

Hans Wegner Armchair

Archibald Gran Comfort Armchair

This enveloping design Archibald chair is a classic majestic furniture that created by Jean-Marie Massaud. Because of The elegant folds of the backrest featured the Archibald lounge chair and make it world well-known. The frame of the backrest and seat is in steel with moulded polyurethane foam padding, and shaped foam with polyester wadding in the zones where more comfort is needed. The Archibald accent chair is upholstered with premium leather. 

Leather Armchair Archibald

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