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A Neat Little Wishbone Dining Chair

Were it left tome to choose a favorite wood dining chair, it would be the wishbone chair,also call Y chair. But this chair is not common at all, which was designed in 1949 and was the first of Wegner's chairs for Carl Hansen & Son.It is a class piece of Danish mid-century furniture design.


wood dining chair


Of course, the name is not the reason that it is one of the famous chair in modern time. We all like the overall design with wooden structure that 

presents its mid-century style. And it also can be preferred furniture in the pastoral style home decoration because of its simple design and fresh  style.

This Wishbone chair also can be good outdoor placement, you could imagine that three neat little chair place around a wooden table in the spring morning, which make you feel relaxing and comfortable.

What do you think of it? If you want to learn more about it, please visit us.


wishbone chair

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