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All about the Barcelona chair


               There are many reproductions of Barcelona chair. Designer furniture stores all around the world offer this chair at a fraction of the original price which has made is much more affordable without compromising quality. It is also available in many wonderful colors and fabrics. From bright orange cashmere to red to purple to tan leather, there are enough colors to suit everyone's taste. Usually the leather chairs are available immediately however with the many cashmere colors a wait of 8 weeks is not unusual as they are made to order.


reproductions of Barcelona chair


               Replica Barcelona Chair in Full Leather and get the Best Deal. Our high quality Barcelona chair in black full leather reproduction has a gorgeous stainless steel frame and chair is covered with full italian leather.


               Not only is there the comfortable Barcelona chair but also available are the Barcelona Sofas. They come as 2-Seaters or 3-Seaters so you could really have the full set!


               Our Barcelona chairs are very comfortable. And, our Barcelona chair is not a compromise, every care is made to ensure maximum comfort.


               If you are a fan of modern or retro furniture, the Barcelona chair in full leather is a must to have and will become a talking point in any home for many years to come.


               Finally, as I covered earlier, many reproductions are of a very high quality but there are the cheap, poor quality versions about just like anything so be careful when buying.


Barcelona chair


              ·Frame of polished solid stainless steel.
              ·Finished with either Italian Leather upholstery and strapping or fabric of your choice.
              ·All Leather straps are the same colour as the leather chosen, on Fabric choices the straps will  be black leather unless another leather colour is requested at the point of order.



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