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Barcelona Chair and Ottoman- How to Choose Barcelona Chair Reproduction


A Barcelona chair and ottoman - What to Look For?

As you shop for a 
Barcelona chair and ottoman , one thing is evident; there are a LOT of choices. You will often see the Barcelona Chair replica under various names, including "Pavilion Chair", "Exposition Chair", "Ibiza Lounge", and others. All these names are used to represent the Barcelona Chair, however, it also gives you clues as to the quality of the Barcelona Chair and ottoman you are purchasing.


Barcelona chair replica

Yadea Barcelona Chair and ottoman is manufactured with quality and integrity and is commonly considered the best Barcelona Chair replica on the market. Trust us, we've used other Barcelona Chair replica manufacturers in our early years, but none of them are even close in quality, craftsmanship, durability, or aesthetic appeal as our Barcelona Chair replica.


Barcelona chair replica

So what makes our Barcelona chair and ottoman different? Here are some key Barcelona Chair replica differences:

1) Look for high grade #304 polished stainless steel:

Our Barcelona Chair and Ottoman uses a one piece, solid bar stock #304 polished stainless steel for the x-frame of the Barcelona Chair. The Barcelona Chair frame is shaped, welded, and repeatedly buffed to ensure smoothness around edges for safety.


Barcelona chair replica

2) Angular back cushions:

As with the original licensed classic Barcelona Chair from Knoll, our Barcelona Chair replica back cushions have a slight curvature to it, making it aesthetically pleasing and provides a greater level of function. Back support is also enhanced with the angular back cushions of the Barcelona Chair and Ottoman.


3) Price:

If you find a Barcelona Chair and Ottoman under $700, move on a fast as possible. Paradigm Gallery is the lowest cost dealer of a quality Barcelona Chair and ottoman and usually ranges from $800-$1500. Any Barcelona Chair ottoman under $700 is not going to provide a good Barcelona Chair and Ottoman.


4) Seams:

As with the originally licensed classic from Knoll, our Barcelona Chair and Ottoman does not have seams on the front two corners of the seat cushions, nor the corners of the back cushions.


Barcelona chair replica

5) Straps:

Our Barcelona Chair and ottoman has very heavy duty, cushion colored straps to provide ample support and durability. 17 thick Barcelona Chair straps keep taut using 34 stainless steel rivets and is suitable for commercial and residential use.


6) Colors:

Our Barcelona Chair and ottoman comes in many great colors. This includes colors in various grades of leather including standard top grain, and full-aniline. We strive to provide our customers the best selection of colors for the Barcelona Chair and ottoman nd we've hit the nail on the head.


7) Cushion Material & Fill:

Our Barcelona Chair and ottoman cushions are composed of highly resilient urethane foam filled with Dacron polyester fill, like Knoll.In this market riddled with choices, Yadea is always here for you. If you have any Barcelona Chair and ottoman questions or want us to help evaluate your purchase decision, you may always email us at


 Barcelona chair replica


Keywords in the article: Barcelona chair and ottoman was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe,with beautiful X shape frame.

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