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Be Careful with Your Sofa

As a kind of practical and necessary furniture for living room,sofa provide us with a comfortable place to have a rest.More than that,lying on the sofa watching TV or playing your phone are what we most often do.These are okay.But there are something that we should notice,which will cause damage to your beautiful sofa.


3 seater sofa


Don't jump on it,it's not similar in your bed.Most sofas just have wood frame and soft padding.
Exposure to direct sunlight must be avoided.High temperature and direct sunlight will accelerate the decay of padding and leather.
Be careful with sofa when you were smoking.Even the  cigarette end will cause irreversible damage to upholstery.
leather sofa
If you had a pet,please take good care of it.Pet's paw are not friendly with your sofa.
Cleaning your sofa regularly.In ordinary circumstances,it should be cleaned every ten months.Bu the way,strengthen the maintenance of sofa at ordinary times.If you were planing to go out for a long time,please cover your sofa with a cloth.
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