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Design Furniture Replica Bensen U Turn Chair from China Funiture Factory


Niels Bendtsen was in his 30s when he became a designer, a move driven by his dissatisfaction with the quality and functionality of products on the market. Decades later, that drive still fuels his obsession for smart, thoughtful design. 

One 360-degree spin in his U-Turn Swivel Chair (2013), In addition to its smooth swiveling mechanism, this chair features a discreet base that tapers as it nears the floor, providing ample legroom and making it easy for you to get up. 
U Turn Chair
The U Turn Chair is inspired by the traditional club style and is a timeless classic style that will break free of old stationary confines. 
U Turn sits upon a discrete circular metal base that rotates smoothly through 360º.  This U Turn Chair is beautiful and you will be able to see all sides of it when it rotates, which makes it the perfect chair for an open area. 
The U Turn Chair’s distinctive visual element is the slanted seat under-cut which provides foot space for greater ease when getting in and out of the chair. 
An internal steel frame, injection molded foam and innovative production techniques and materials create engineered comfort and insure that the U Turn is perfectly suited for contract use.
The generously scaled seat, back support, and luxurious seat cushion achieve superb comfort while occupying a surprisingly small footprint.
Its tailored appearance, flowing form and uncluttered lines make it suitable for a wide variety of environments from traditional to minimalist modern.
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U Turn Chair Replica
Keywords in the article: The U Turn Chair was designed by Niels Bendtsen in 2013,a timeless classic style furniture chair.

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