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Buy some furniture for my living room


               Want to buy some living room furniture .I have a very interesting layout in my home. It basically consists of one big living room that is opened up to a kitchen and eating area, and a hallway with three rooms and a bathroom attached to it. I’ve never really seen a home like it before, and it is part of the reason why we love it so much.

                I just moved into a new place, and I'm trying to find some furniture for my living room. I'm not specifically looking for anything in-particular (heh, stuff that is comfortable and classy). Tables, Easy Chairs, side tables, lights...whatever. So all recommendations are welcome!

                I'd like to keep to a budget of around 2k for the initial attack. I would also like to order the furniture online. The furniture stores around here suck! Ideally I'd be able to try it out, but since I'm somewhat limited on that I really need your advice.

                About me: I'm a single man in his early twenties always trying to get his groove on. Oh yeah! A little mini bar, or something would be really cool! Or even a full blown bar would be super sweet.... hmm i'm getting some ideas.

                I'm also looking for an outdoor furniture set. I have a HUGE patio at my new place, and need to fill it with something.

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