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China is still have a good development


 China is still have a good development in the wholesale office Furniture.A single shoe factory in Wenzhou employs 120,000 workers. That city literally produces all of the world’s lighters and Christmas lightings. Yiwu, where vendors sold goods on the streets 15 years ago, now exports more than 1,000 containers a day, with purchasing agents from Korea and Africa jamming the city and pushing office rents through the roof. Who has ever heard of several thousand shops selling nothing but socks? That is Yiwu: The wholesale office Furniture malls there are so huge that I took one look and sat down, for an old man like me could not handle the distance. The town of Lecong has a road wholesaling office furniture on both sides, stretching ten kilometers long. The large industrial village in Suzhou, so beautifully landscaped and filled with manufacturers of world-class brands and industrial structures of world-class designs, cropped up in the middle of paddy fields in five years. Hangzhou receives forty million tourists a year. One retail shop in that city, selling a famous brand of handbags, grosses US$80,000 on an average day.




 I could go on and on describing similar phenomena, but there is no point. What one needs to add, however, is a story about Pudong, or Shanghai east of the river. I took the Friedman’s there in 1993. Nothing could be seen except a row of one-story shops, reportedly built to entertain Deng Xiaoping. Milton (of course) resented any such action, pointing out government development planning would fail most of the time. Yet eight years later I took an American architect to downtown Pudong, and stunned, he observed that the high rises concentrated there may well be the best in the world. The lesson is this: For a country as big and populous as China, growing at such speed, there is plenty of room for learning by doing.
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