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Choose the Best Living Room Lay Out


Conversational and symmetrical living room

A 'conversational' living room layout is one where the seating options — usually two sofas — are positioned so they face each another, creating a cosy and sociable area that's designed to stimulate conversation between guests. The conversational layout works best in symmetrical rooms, especially if there's a central window, doors, or a fireplace that can act as a focal point.

A very traditional — and almost formal — layout, this style has become less popular in recent years, probably because we prefer to use our living rooms for watching TV rather than conversation these days. However, it’s a great arrangement if you often have guests or want to create a more sociable living room, and it's perfect for playing board games.

living room lay out

Casually conversational with a mix of seating

In this layout, a sofa is positioned opposite two armchairs, which sit side by side — perhaps with a small side table in the middle. The sofa and chairs face each other, so there's still a sense of intimacy and it's great for entertaining. But, it feels just a little less formal than the traditional conversational layout we shared earlier, as it isn't completely symmetrical.

One advantage of this layout is that it leaves the corners of the room free, so you can add a small desk, reading nook, occasional table, or anything else you fancy. And, as you'll have armchairs in addition to a sofa, there's a choice of different seating options, which also brings more visual interest to the room. If you want to be able to watch TV from every seat, then opt for armchairs that swivel, so you can effortlessly turn them around to face the screen.

Entertainment focused

If you regularly host movie nights in your household, then this layout, which uses the TV as a focal point, might be the best choice for you. A large sectional corner sofa offers a clear view of the television, while side tables will keep your snacks and drinks within easy reach.

There are also a couple of comfy armchairs in the corners of the room, which can be swivelled or moved to make space for extra guests. You can also add some bookshelves and storage units to the outer walls to create space for DVDs and books.

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