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Classic design: Barcelona chair and Ottoman


                  Barcelona chair was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929. Because of the unique architectural design ideas, it is regarded as his representative works of classic design.


Barcelona Chair and Ottoman
The Mies van der rohe Barcelona chair (Black)


                  This Mies van der rohe Barcelona chair is popularly referred to as the “Barcelona Chair”. It was first produced by Berliner Metallgewerbe Joseph Muller. In 1931 this production passed to Bamberg Metalwerkstatten, Berlin. Therefore, as classic design, it is certainly be more acceptable to be used in the common life.


Barcelona Chair

The Mies van der rohe Barcelona chair (Light Brown)


                 “Classic can be replicated, we strive for excellence,” Although we produce furniture is the imitation goods, but we are authentic quality to the strict demands on themselves, so very close imitation and original, Quality is very good, and take care of the customer’s individual needs, and the price is much lower than the original, classic design that will certainly be more acceptable to the average consumer, that is what we expect. As a classic chair, Barcelona chair is a very famous and its outside material is leather and stainless steel.




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