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Decorate Your Dining Room With Upholstery Dining Chair

When you think of formal dining chairs, chances are good that the first thing that comes to mind is a very traditional upholstered chair. But while iconic antique chairs with all their bells and whistles are certainly a great way to create that elevated, formal feel, these days they`re far from the only option. Even ignoring chairs made entirely of wood, metal, or plastic, there are a plethora of different qualities that make a dining chair feel more or less formal, and more or less traditional.


Modern Dining Chairs With Elegant Wood Accents

Most casual [family table" style dining chairs are made entirely of wood, with simple, compact designs meant to accommodate a small space. But that isn`t to say that wood elements in particular will always make for a less formal look. On modern upholstered chairs, wood elements can be used as a callback to more intricate antique designs and to help bulk up the size of the chair. Especially when using finishes that veer away from a modern [espresso" or midcentury walnut, wood elements are often a great way to indicate that chairs with a modern design aren`t meant to have a relaxed, casual feel.

Nice Upholstery On A Simple Dining Chair

Similarly, if you use a fine fabric on a big, high-backed dining chair but leave off most or all of the ornamentation (aka no nailhead finishing, no wood detailing, and simple modern legs), you`ll get a look that`s very modern, but still has that hyper-formal feel that you`d get from a very traditional design. With this type of chair in particular, the nicer the upholstery, the more formal the final look will be; with the right fabric, even very simple modern chairs can have a posh contemporary feel.

Upholstered Mid-Century Modern Chairs

Another look I`m starting to see a lot more of is dining chairs that are inspired by iconic mid-century modern designs, but that are upholstered rather than left as exposed plastic. These are typically smaller than traditional upholstered chairs, but have a more elevated, less casual feel than the original mid-century designs they`re based on. The distinctive shapes and silhouettes maintain the playful, accessible feel of a mid-century aesthetic, but without the hard lines and modern materials that can make them clash with more traditional elements. If you`re looking to add a formal touch to a smaller space, this is an excellent way to do it.

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