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Decorating a small living room

Decorating a small living room is often a cause of stress and frustration. Besides our sleeping space, we spend more time per day in our living room than any other, and we’re usually awake! The reality is that you can have a small living room that functions as well and looks as beautiful as a large one. The key is to take advantage of small space solutions.

Our solutions to common problems for decorating a small living room, and small room layout and design, will help turn your troubled living room into a divine design in no time!
Clutter Control
Even large living rooms won’t look beautiful with a lot of clutter, and small spaces easily become overwhelmed by too much stuff. Owners of small homes have to be especially diligent about clutter control.

Reducing Clutter
Small spaces are usually short on storage. When decorating a small living room, adding hidden storage and areas is a necessity. Maximize space under coffee and end tables. Even small nooks can become a place for wall shelves.

Spiers sofa

Consider a section of faux built-ins. Wardrobes, closet storage systems, ?and even stock kitchen cabinets are an affordable way to add a custom look at a budget price.
Be careful—storage containers and cabinets can quickly fill up a small space, leaving you right back where you started. I know you love your stuff, but no matter how organized you are, sometimes there’s just not enough space to put everything. If so, it may be time to take a long, hard look at your room and remove anything that is unessential, is getting in your way or just doesn’t work.
Too Much Furniture
A small living room may not fit a sofa, two chairs, two end tables, and a coffee table. And in a small home, furniture can easily become a drop zone for clutter.

Minimalist Solution
By removing some of your furniture, you may kill two problems with one stone—you’ll increase floor space and reduce clutter. Start with a clean slate by clearing the room. Bring in your sofa first, and slowly add pieces from there. When you have a layout that you like, stop. Anything leftover needs to find a new home.

Furnishings Are Too Big
Small spaces can rarely handle large sectional sofas, large side chairs, or even large artwork. A smaller-scale room demands smaller scaled furnishings.

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