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Deduce Charles Sofa with Different Upholstery

Before staring the statement, we like to make brief introduction for Charles sofa, after all not every is familiar to the modern sofa. But one thing is clear: it’s definitely a rising star of living room sofa that is popular with consumers. So which highlights of the sofa attract their attention?
First, the origin of minimalist sofa is remarkable, designed by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia. Second, its name refers obviously to Charles Eames, who always sustained that” the details are not the details. They make the design”. For this reason, the beautiful sofa has been made lots of effort in design, which show unique features. What attract people is not just that, it’s easy to feel the comfort levels of the sofa from its plump cushions with clear lines.


After having a basic understanding of this mod sofa, some people may get in trouble in the selection of color because of different furnishing style and taste. But there’s no need to worry, Yadea will show several different Charles sofas with characteristics, then you can choose favorite collocation or custom you own ideal living room sofa.
The first one is a red sofa, is a perfect replica as same as original Charles sofa. This is a fashion-forward version for most users. It because that the modernist sofa and cool cold gray style sectional are more in line with high-end apartment or villa of modern style. On the contrary, the red seems to more go along with interior designer’s taste, who like the color that can emphasize and stand out the style of space.


Another is the blue Charles sofa in fabric. It was the primal version by Yadea according to customers requirement. The blue is unusual color, but it doesn’t affect the match of styles, it also can be the first choice of personalized clients.

The last is a unique version that is upholstered with black premium leather. The customized Charles sofa is different from the other two. Not only changing the upholstery, but also the craftsmanship should be changed accordingly. The leather sectional brings different visual enjoyment, it trends to be retro sofa design and match with black leather Barcelona Chair perfectly.
The three versions of Charles sofas have their own specialties, the same design and details, but a little different in upholstery can make the classic sofa more different and characteristic, which is one of the charm of modern furniture. If designers are the person who provide originality and ideas, Yadea is the company that can make your ideas come true.

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