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Differences between Modern Furniture and Classic Furniture-part one

     You have heard much about the terms Classic Furniture and Modern Furniture, but do you know what differentiates them? For the experienced homeowners, they will have some knowledge of the two. However, for the benefit of new homeowners, we shall look at some of the differences......

Classic furniture, as the name implies, has a longer history. Houses were big back then, especially in European countries, and thus able to accommodate huge furniture pieces. The classic furniture was never meant for compact houses or apartments, which is now the norm in Singapore where space is scarce. As opposed to classic furniture, modern furniture is designed to be more compact and space-saving for the needs of today.

Big is heavy, small is light. Modern furniture pieces are lighter than those of classic furniture, as they are made from lighter materials. Modern materials and techniques have allowed modern furniture to be made more cheaply too. Such materials range from laminated wood, glass, pine, chip wood, wrought iron to fiber glass and strengthened plastic. Classic furniture is made from solid wood, thus their heavy weight.

Classic furniture tends to be darker than modern furniture in general. Modern furniture employs a much wider range of colors and designs to suit the modern taste, and also due to the flexibility of the materials to achieve the desired effect.

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