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Differences between Modern Furniture and Classic Furniture-part two

     You have heard much about the terms Classic Furniture and Modern Furniture, but do you know what differentiates them? For the experienced homeowners, they will have some knowledge of the two. However, for the benefit of new homeowners, we shall look at some of the differences......

Modern furniture is easier to maintain than classic ones. There are cleaners, polishers and stain removers available in the market to keep modern furniture looking brand new and clean. Assembly and disassembly of modern furniture is also much easier than that of classic ones.

Classic furniture is more long lasting and sturdier as they are made from more durable materials like solid wood. Unlike modern furniture, they take a longer time to look older. Also, some classic furniture age gracefully, with time adding to the beauty of such classic pieces.

Technology has given modern furniture this advantage. They are more ergonomically designed, conforming to the shape of the human body. As modern furniture has no limitations on their design, such ergonomics co-exist with beautiful designs. On the contrary, classic furniture tend to be more formal and stiff in comparison.

Modern furniture has now become the popular choice of today’s Singaporeans, taking the forms of marvelous and unrestrained design, and with a wide range of prices to suit homeowners of different budgets. Classic furniture may still hold up its beauty over the test of time, but space and cost remains a challenge for some appreciative individuals.

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