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Dining Chairs Purchasing Guide


Sitting down to a nice meal in your kitchen or dining room requires dining furniture, and choosing the right chairs to match a dining table requires a bit of retail sleuthing to find chairs that are appealing and comfortable. Normally, when you think about getting a new dining table, or kitchen table and chairs, you may have an image of a complete set of matching furniture. However, there's no hard and fast room decor rule that says you must purchase a set. Buying dining room chairs or kitchen chairs separately is a lot more fun, and it and provides you with new decorating ideas that bring new life to your eating area. Learn about the different styles of dining chairs that are suitable for a variety of room decor styles.

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Upholstered Dining Chairs

Whether you prefer a formal dining room setting or a casual one, upholstered dining chairs offer the ultimate in comfort. An upholstered chair has its seat and back covered with some type of fabric, and the seat is usually made of cushioning material for cozy seating comfort. This is the type of chair that lets you sit and relax, because your back comes into contact with a soft surface. Parsons chairs are an ideal choice for a cozy dining chair. These chairs usually have tall, straight backs, a square seating area bolstered by a cushion, and sturdy wood legs for stability. With parsons chairs, there’s a wide selection of fabric colors and designs, and you can even mix and match styles.

Vintage Wood Dining Chairs

Quaint and charming is the best way to describe the vintage wood dining chair. These chairs are timeless and are constructed using designs that go back decades, even centuries. Vintage chairs look like they were made by hand in an old-fashioned furniture mill, and they are typically placed in room settings that favor country or cottage decor. You’ll often find these chairs in light or dark natural wood, but they can be painted in neutral colors of black and white, or colorful shades of blue, green, or yellow.

Modern dining furniture is all about doing something a bit outside the box with traditional materials and re-imagining how you use your furniture in various home settings. Take the metal dining chair, for instance. When you think dining chair, metal isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind, but you can find some chic dining chairs made of metal that rival any traditional chair. If you like contemporary furnishings, metal dining chairs are a great choice for modernizing your dining area, often giving you the flexibility to move them out to the porch or the patio to enjoy an outdoor meal.

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