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Eames Lounge Chair Top 10 Furniture in China

“Design is for living “is a popular motto in the design industry during 1940-1950, the main supporter of this design conception is Charles and his wife Ray Eames, they cooperate together to create a new fashion for furniture design, modern fashion, elegant and simple, aesthetic and functional molding.

Eames Lounge Chair has become one of the significant furniture designs of the 20th century. This Eames Lounge Chair reflects retro-modern and contemporary design. 
Replica Eames lounge chair
We are a Eames lounge chair reproduction manufacturer for more than 10 years. Our replica Eames Lounge Chair can make of two different high-quality leather, Italian leather and Aniline leather. 
The Shells of our replica Eames lounge chair are 7-ply laminated veneer in cherry with light walnut or dark walnut color. The rich veneer and supple leather is the modern form, setting an enduring comfortable and elegant standard.
Replica Eames lounge chair
The Premium Eames lounge chair replica can be widely used a lot of place,such as sitting room,home office,office suites and leisure areasis also quite welcome in hotel, villa, apartment, etc., you can put it anywhere you like.
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