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Eero Saarinen Furniture Is Not Only Beautiful But Unique

     Eero Saarinen designed furniture that was not only very unique but also beautiful. Many pieces of Eero Saarinen furniture have become famous. He was surrounded by design his whole life and was actually helping his father design furniture and fixtures for the Cranbrook Academy of Art campus while in his teens. After studying sculpture in Paris for a year he returned to Michigan to teach at the Cranbrook and work on furniture design. His ultra modern furniture has a European flair with clean, smooth looks. Eero Saarinen furniture has many recognizable pieces, which include Tulip Chairs and tables, the Womb Chair and the 70 series seating collection. Eero was obsessed with revision and took a sculptural approach to furniture design, building hundreds of models and full-scale model mock-ups to achieve the perfect curve, find the right line and derive the most pleasing proportions. Saarinen’s furniture employs modern materials in graceful, organic shapes.
     Eero Saarinen furniture is most notably famous for the original Womb Chair and the Tulip Chair. The basics of the Saarinen Womb Chair include a fiberglass shell with an upholstered fabric cover over a polished chrome steel rod base. It is made in three different sizes being small, medium, and large. Eero Saarinen furniture is also notably famous for the Saarinen Tulip Chair. The uniquely designed molded chair actually very much like a tulip and is designed to be comfortable with feelings of security. What is ultimately different about the Tulip Chair is that is a one legged chair with the seat ultimately sitting on a base. It is made of fiberglass-reinforced resin and is available with or without arms and or with full upholstery. The unique Tulip Chairs are also available in either a fixed style or a swivel style both with a fully upholstered cushion.
     Eero Saarinen furniture also offers a uniquely sculpted round or oval dining table to coordinate with the famous Tulip Chairs. The tables like the chairs are one legged and sit on a single pedestal base. The tables are however offered in a wide variety of material including coated marble, natural granite, wood laminate, and natural marble to name a few. The base of the table also offers a variety of finishes including platinum, black, or white.

     The beautiful and unique furniture pieces are available from a large number of high-end dealers that carry exclusive modern pieces. For more information on where to buy Eero Saarinen furniture visit

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