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Eileen Gray Adjustable Table E-1027

     Eileen Gray created the adjustable table E-1027 in 1927. As many of the other design classics throughout the ages, it was originally conceived for the designer’s own home. Gray, at this time, was a successful designer and architect, and had also designed the house in the French village Roquebrun that the table was intended for.
     This sleek metal table has a high quality steel frame, with a six millimetre tempered glass top. The table is superbly finished, with no joins visible for a clean designer look.
     Since E-1027 is adjustable, it is a very multifaceted piece that can be used where it’s best needed. One can heighten the glass table top up to just under a metre above the floor. The table can be placed in a bedroom, as a bedside table, or be a side table in the living room, carrying coffee cups or magazines. It is also popular within reception areas, waiting rooms and similar milieus.
     Re-invent your dining, living or studio space into a new millennium art deco room with your Eileen Gray adjustable table E-1027. Innovative, stylish and adhering to the integrity of excellent craftsmanship, this piece is a charming way to set your belongings or showcase on its own. The height of this table is adjustable. Our products are reproduced to the style of the original design. The quality you must be believable.

Eileen Gray adjustable table E-1027

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