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Eileen Gray Table and Eileen Gray Adjustable Table E1027


                 Eileen Gray originally designed this table in 1927 for her guest home at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France. Her designs made use of simple lines and were based around functionality. Our Reproduction of the Eileen Gray Table meets the architectural specifications of the original. This High Quality Replica of the Eileen Gray Table features Top quality stainless steel, which is fully welded through the top bar and extends through it for exceptional durability, Tempered Glass and Adjustable Height Positions.

Eileen Gray Table

Eileen Gray Table

                 Our replica Eileen Gray Table Features:

                 1. Top quality stainless steel
                 2. Tempered Glass
                 3. Adjustable Height Positions
                 4. modern and contemporary, simple assembly required

Eileen Gray Adjustable Table E1027 and Le Corbusier Sofa

Eileen Gray Adjustable Table E1027 and Le Corbusier Sofa

                 The Eileen Side Table is ideal when you want an elegant, yet understated accent in your room. This stainless steel table features a clear, tempered glass top. This table also features an exciting twist - it's height adjustable! Great as an end table next to your sofa, or use it as a bedside table - the Eileen Side Table is ready for anything.

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