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Fabric Sofa Cleaning Tips

The sofa is where people rest. Good sofas sit and feel comfortable and can relax people's feelings. However, there will always be some dust and stains on the fabric sofa for a long time. Therefore, the cleanliness of the fabric sofa makes many people feel headaches. Then, Yadea Furniture will introduce cloth cleaning techniques for the sofa.

Fabric sofa cleaning tips

If your sofa is a chemical fiber fabric you need to clean at room temperature, not high temperature soak, machine wash, of course, not to mention hand washing, it is best not to use an iron. There is also a linen fabric, because the fabric is easy to play ball, so when steam cleaning, we must pay attention to the intensity of cleaning! Otherwise it may make your sofa no type, or even pilling, then you can not be People are waiting to see!

Fabric sofa cleaning tips II

The fabric sofas on the general market are removable and washable, so it is only necessary to wash the outer skin. It will be convenient and simple, but cleaning is also a certain skill. If your sofa is a cotton fabric, then you need to wash it in water for 30 minutes when cleaning, and the water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees.


Fabric sofa cleaning tips three

There is also an important part that we should pay attention to. Many people think that the more water is washed, the cleaner it is. This is not the case. The fabric sofa will be deformed if there is more water in the process of cleaning, so when cleaning, we Beware of using as little water as possible!

Fabric sofa cleaning tips four

If your sofa is only partially stained, you don't need to wash it all. You can use a sponge to rub it. Static electricity can effectively remove stains. There is also we must use professional cleaners, so it is very useful to directly stains, of course, is also very useful for the maintenance of the sofa! We can also use clean water, of course, we need to first clean dirty place, Then wash it somewhere else.

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