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Fabric Womb chair & Ottoman


                There is a large demands on the market in the USA and European markets. They are very popular among the young and fashion pursuers.  

                The fabric Womb Chair is made of fabric, and your choice of color high density foam seat. The fabric Womb chair is one of the most iconic and acknowledged representations of Scandinavian organic modernism from the mid-century.


Fabric Womb Chair

Fabric Womb Chair


                Close to the original one but more creative. We bought the original one back and copy it to manufacture, but we are not mechanical copy maker. For example, the original one use chrome base, but ours use stainless steel rod base, which is more stronger than the original one for durable use.


Fabric Womb Chair

Fabric Womb Chair


                Unexpected satisfaction and comfort: Human engineering design for our fabric womb chair , it can increase comfort to your whole body: your head, neck, back, waist, hip, and leg.


Fabric Womb Chair

Fabric Womb Chair


                If this is the style of furniture your looking for, take a few minutes and search for the perfect fabric womb chair . Please visit our New



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