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Fashion circles

The circle is a clean concise shape that works with today's modern aesthetic. Furniture and accessories are celebrating the circle as a familiar shape with fresh appeal.

Everyone likes the charming circle; if it were a person, it would be Jennifer Anniston. The curvilinear line evokes thoughts of peace and serenity, yet there is an inherent strength. They can be as playful as polka dots, or as sophisticated as a medallion print. Circles are inviting and somewhat protective ?? think of circling around the campfire. The circle shape feels complete.

??As the first shapes that toddlers learn to draw and recognize, circles communicate friendliness and comfort,?? say authors Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire in their ??Circles and Dots?? book from the ??Communicating With Pattern?? series. The book further explains that for centuries artists and designers have used circles to convey unity and collaboration. From Stonehenge to crop circles, this is an intriguing shape.

Circles are used sparingly in design and for that reason command attention. A circle will take up more area while, by its very nature, creating a background of negative space. The eye naturally moves around a two-dimensional circular pattern or glides over three-dimensional sphere shapes. When applied to a room interior, table setting or surface pattern, the circle creates open airy illusion.

Create a wow factor in your store and show shoppers how circles will take their rooms from ordinary to statement of high style, with these tips:

  • Upholster a traditional chair in a modern circle print for fresh appeal.

  • Arrange chairs in a circular pattern for a comfortable atmosphere

  • Use a round dining table to encourage conversation.

  • Stencil circles on the walls of vignettes to attract attention to furniture on display.

  • Use a large circular mirror as the focal point in a room full of square furniture.

  • When seating becomes crowded, use a round cocktail table for more circulation

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