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Five Great Medieval Modern Furniture Chairs- LC2 Sofa, Barcelona chair and ottoman, Womb chair and ottoman, Egg Chair, Swan Chair

Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa

Designer: Le Corbusier
Year: 1928
LC2 sofa and LC3 sofa, are designed very comfortable. Classic stainless steel with leather furniture will be made by these two kinds of firm and soft material completely together, which can highlight your extraordinary taste no matter in office or home.
Barcelona chair and ottoman
Designer: Mies van der rohe
Year: 1929
Barcelona chair and ottoman was design of great works for Barcelona expo in 1929,  was really pioneering the modern design. Barcelona chair and ottoman send it as a gift to the king of Spain by the German. Barcelona chair premium is seen as the most popular classic 20th century chair today. In any corner of the world you can see it. It really has been into our life.
Womb chair and ottoman
Designer: Eero Saarinen
Year: 1946

Womb chair and ottoman is known as a real organic design.
Egg Chair
Designer: Arne Jacobsen
Year: 1958
Jacobsen egg chair is part of the SAS royal hotel in Copenhagen. But now it has been popular from Europe to the six continents of the world.

Swan Chair
Architect: Arne Jacobsen
Year: 1958
Arne Jacobsen also designed some comfortable swan chair, making SAS royal hotel more perfect. His design is still deep clean and attractive till now. Free flowing sculpture type with traditional characteristics of North European design, make his work possessing characteristics of special texture and complete structure.
These great medieval chairs become a part of our modern life. With the rapid development of China's economy, people's living standard is increasing day by day, the classical design chair, also appeared in many places in China, for example, hotels, office buildings, entertainment and leisure center, residential area.
Shenzhen Yadea Furniture co., LTD is a professional manufacturer engaged in hotels, clubs, upscale restaurants, villas, real estate and sales offices, office buildings, offices and the mock up room furniture of form a complete set of large public decoration project of service production, sales, indoor soft assembly act the role of design a service-oriented enterprises. These classic designs are their main products. When modern humans are tired living in reinforced cold concrete buildings, they will miss the comfortable life. When people first see Yadea Furniture to "love at first sight". Yadea Furniture like the idyll light and pure and fresh, is the essence of nature. After carefully taste, you can discover Yadea Furniture’s details of the craftsmanship everywhere. It is the achievements mellow and aestheticism after years of baptism. Yadea Furniture not only inherit the essence of the modern European furniture, but also lead the fashion and classic of the whole of China.


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