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Furniture Designer Finn Juhl: Pelikan Chair


                  We are thinking about buying a new Finn Juhl Pelikan Chair for the living room to replace one we picked up at Society of St Vincent De Paul. If you have never been there, I recommend checking it out. It’s overwhelmingly huge and seemed to require frequent trips to find the real prizes, but we did find a good looking chair for $60 bucks that has lasted us for almost two years. It’s worth a trip! But still. It might be time for an upgrade. In my dreams, I’d get a piece by Finn Juhl (1912-1989), a Danish furniture designer who was trained as an architect, but gained notoriety for his beautiful furniture in the 1940s. The license for his pieces now belongs exclusively to the Danish company Hansen & Sorensen.


Danish Furniture Designer Finn Juhl

Danish Furniture Designer Finn Juhl

                  The Pelikan Chair is a wonderful example of Finn Juhl’s design. Inspired by the modern “free art” of the time, its organic shape and fluid lines are so inviting. The Pelikan Chair is said to be very comfortable and is manufactured with the best craftsmanship, including hand-sewn upholstery and legs that come in several types of wood.

                  A Pelikan Chair (or a few Pelikans) great coupled with a Poeten–another of Finn Juhl’s classic designs. Juhl created the Poeten for his own home in 1941, and today it is an endure piece of classic Danish furniture.

Furniture Designer Finn Juhl: Pelikan Chair

Furniture Designer Finn Juhl: Pelikan Chair


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