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Furniture Product Knowledge Training of YADEA

There was a training about related furniture knowledge this week, we all attended the meeting. It was a long course but we are looking forward it, because even though we learn a lot about the furniture product, the knowledge is one-sided. Every person has different set of responsibilities, the knowledge that he got is different. So this all-round training would teach us a lot in product. In the meantime, we still somewhat has doubts, some people's work has little correlativity with the product, so they might think there is no need to receive training. Actually those though is not correct.


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A trained salesman will have a better understanding of the sofa and technology and advantages that allows us better serve the clients. A trained skilled worker can learn more about the whole design of product. These all will improve the quality in the process of production.

Different people will gain diffrent experiences, which is the purpose of this training. So we can regard it as a different way of learning. It's a rare opportunity, both to new employee and to older. So Keeping a serious attitude toward the training, we all can learn a lot from it.

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