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Furniture designer David Sears speaking about green materials

Designer David Sears in February. He will speak on the importance of material selection and manufacturing techniques for this eco-conscious line.

Sears founded David Sears Design in 2006 and seeks designs that connect people with their environments by exploring new materials and ideas. Most recently, he's been investigating modularity.

David Sears?? Cube table can be used as a side or end table and features exposed veneers of the plywood, traditional joinery and figured wood grain on drawer fronts.

Sears has worked at the Gund Partnership and Arrowstreet Architects, both firms with expertise in green design.

DSD is based near Boston and its line is manufactured in the United States.

Sears will be lecturing on the concept of his collection and the manufacturing process and materials he has used to create the pieces that distinguish themselves by eco-design.

He will discuss how he developed a fabrication system using a five-axis computerized cutter, which cuts to closer tolerances, creating tighter-fitting joints and stronger furniture. He also will discuss his unique use of nine-ply, hardwood-core maple plywood.

His Cube furniture collection will be exhibited Feb. 1 to 16 at the Gallery, and the show is called "The Box and the Curve." The lecture is Tuesday, Feb. 10, 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., at the New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University Gallery.

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