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Get to Know Bohemian Style

The Basics
The eclectic bohemian style is all about giving off a carefree, adventurous vibe and is very arts-forward. It goes against many minimalist trends by spotlighting curated maximalism.

Colors & Materials
For a bohemian home, choose vibrant colors like burgundy, emerald, and deep purples to create a warm atmosphere. Layer rich patterns via the textiles of your choice: throw pillows and blankets, rugs, tapestries – you name it. Use metal and wood as accents.


Choose comfortable pieces of furniture like chaise lounges and daybeds to keep the relaxing momentum going. Scoop up a couple of rattan accent chairs and a cane coffee table or bed. Look for tufted ottomans and headboards in luxurious fabrics to balance out the strong lines of rattan.

This is the place you can really go wild with bohemian design! Show off items you've collected while traveling – eclectic items work well in these spaces. Look for vintage-inspired throws and pillows, or hang a crocheted dream catcher and lantern lighting. Roll out a Moroccan, Southwestern, or animal-hide rug. And always add a faux plant (or five) – you can never have enough.

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