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Green Furniture will not be outdated


       In modern society, the topics about eco-friendly products are hot. With attention to build green environment, people are apt to buy the less harmful products to the surroundings and men’s health. That is why green furniture is the fad and will never be outdated. 
Look for FSC Certified Wood

       The easiest thing to do is to look for FSC certified wood, which is now widely available. FSC certified wood is sustainable wood that has been harvested responsibly. It means that forests are being maintained and precious ecosystems are not destroyed.

Buy Reclaimed Wood Furniture
      Reclaimed wood is usually reclaimed from old furniture, buildings, and bridges, basically anything that used wood in its construction. It comes from other sources, too, such as discarded factory scraps, or logs that are reclaimed from rivers. Barn wood furniture is extremely sought after, and rightly so, as aged wood has its own richness and patina.

Herman Miller Molded Plywood Dining Chair

Herman Miller Molded Plywood Dining Chair


Buy Furniture Made from Other Recycled Material
       Furniture made from recycled metal and plastic is another option. Basically, anything that can be reused in any form can be said to be eco friendly. While this might seem to be too sweeping a statement, consider this: recycling means you are using fewer resources, and not condemning something to the landfills. With constantly improving technology you can be assured of quality as well. Repurposed furniture is also a good option.

Buy Furniture with Non-Toxic or Low-Toxic Finishes
        Buying furniture that is low-toxic or non-toxic, you cut down on toxic off-gassing. Toxic off-gassing can be even more of a hazard in a well insulated home, where toxins cannot escape easily. Look for Green guard certification as a guideline. While you can always ask around about the materials used in making your furniture, looking for certification can save you time while providing you with guidelines.

Buy Durable Furniture
        This is an easily overlooked, but important part of being green. When you buy good quality, well made furniture, you are buying green furniture. It will not have to be replaced for a long time. Even if you get tired of it, you can easily give it away or re-sell, and somebody else can use it. Poor quality furniture may be cheap, and seem like a good buy at the time, but you and the environment end up paying a price pretty quickly.

Buy Recyclable Furniture
       Green furniture lends itself to easy recycling or disassembly. If a piece of furniture can be easily disassembled at the end of its life, the pieces can be recycled easily.


Dining Table

Dining Table


Buy Used or Vintage Furniture
        Buying vintage furniture could be the easiest way of buying green. Maybe the it wasn’t originally made from FSC certified wood, or comes without Green guard certification, but used furniture has certainly been around long enough to finish off-gassing. Since you are saving it from a potential fate in a landfill, you are protecting the environment. Additionally, high quality vintage is always sought after, so it could potentially resell for close to the same price you bought it.
Let us join in the big family of China Yadea. Our motto is “Using Yadea Furniture, Saving the world”. 



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