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History of the classic Barcelona Chair


           The Barcelona chair was exclusively designed for the German Pavilion, that country's entry for the International Exposition of 1929, which was hosted by Barcelona, Spain. The design resulted from collaboration between the famous Bauhaus architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and his longtime partner and companion, architect and designer Lilly Reich, whose contributions have only recently been acknowledged.the chair's design was inspired by the campaign and folding chairs of ancient times.and the Barcelona chair exporters is also have a long time history, and Yadea is one of them.Yadea was established in 1998 - one of the longest suppliers and exporters of this style of furniture in China. 


Barcelona chair


           The twenty years leading up to the 1928 Barcelona Exhibition were a time of tremendous upheaval for all of Europe. Politically the landscape was changing faster and more dramatically than anyone could ever have imagined: Monarchies fell, revolutions raged, huge numbers of people were migrating from the Eastern block into Western Europe. Accelerating change and diversity propelled the fields of design and technology to reinvent themselves, almost entirely. Huge cultural shifts rocked Europe producing an explosion of artistic and literary creativity.International trade, although not a new phenomena was accelerated - creating the beginnings of an interdependent global market place.

           Governments around the world were straining to stabilize internal political forces, to settle their populace down into productive expansion, lest the political chaos of neighboring countries should spread.

           After the first world war the German monarchy fell, and soon the country was swept into a painfully protracted battle between Communist and Fascist factions. The country was flooded with enormous numbers of refugees from the new Bolshevik states. The German government had an almost impossible task ahead of them. They, perhaps more than any other European nation, had to refocus the attentions of their peoples - on economic productivity.It was in this environment that the plans for the 1928 Barcelona World Fair were conceived. Wanting and needing desperately to present Germany to the world (and to their own people too perhaps) as a stable, vibrant and modern cultural and economic entity.


White Barcelona chair


An Historic Event

           The exhibition was an occasion of international importance, attended by government officials from around Europe and of course by the Spanish Royals of the day Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg.

           Victoria Eugenie was the grand daughter of Britain's Queen Victoria, who together with her beloved husband, Prince Albert, invented the concept of the World Fair, and in 1851 had been the honored guests of the first International world fair at Crystal Palance in London. Thus her grand daughter's visit to the Barcelona World Fair, would politically have been equivalent to an empirial seal of approval, bestowing tremendous significance on the whole event.


Manufacturing techniques and materials

           The originals pre dated stainless steel and seamless (ground) welds so the legs had to be bolted together. The leather used in those first examples was pig skin, and the color of the chairs in the Pavilion was ivory. But todays Barcelona chair is not so very different. Mies re-designed the chair in 1950, making use of the newly developed material - stainless steel. This allowed the frame to be formed from a single piece of metal, and so it was that the bolts of the original were replaced by the smooth lines that we know and love today. The pig skin was too expensive for 18pt scale commercial production so it has been replaced by bovine leather.

           It went into commercial production almost immediately and in 1953, 6 years after Lily's death Mies licensed the rights of reproduction to Knoll, the current licensed manufacturer of the Barcelona Chair, and trade mark holder of the Barcelona name. The chair has remained in production ever since, steadily growing in its notoriety and recognition through the years.


Barcelona chair


           And Yadea is the best and bigest reproduction Barcelona Chair exporter in the China. He's Barcelona chair is made of Solid polished stainless steel 3cm wide flat steel frame ,frame thickness 10mm or 12mm for chioce;Full grain certified Italian leather; full compliant with UK and EU standards, and top quality workmanship; the Barcelona Chair and Ottoman available colors: red, white, black and dark brown, other colors will require quantity.



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