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Home Furniture leather Barcelona chair from factory China

The famous Barcelona Chair in leather is as a modern furniture design of classical work, which is home museum.

In 1929 Barcelona Smith world expo, in order to welcome the Spanish king and queen, designer created the Barcelona Chair and caused a sensation of this chair. Today, the Barcelona Chair is still popular among the world, always be imitated, and never be transcended.
Barcelona Chair in leather
It consists of a cross shape of the stainless steel structure to support true leather back and cushion, very beautiful and pratical function. High quality Stainless steel frame with beautiful X shape just like original. Leather cushions, leather pipes, leather covers of the buttons. Two pieces of rectangular leather pad composition of the sitting surface (cushion) and the backrest.
 Barcelona Chair in leather
Barcelona chair is totally hand polished, the appearance is beautiful and refined, stainless steel of curve and the party of the overlap type cushion for leaning on to a person with the imperial nobleness and cool. Corner of cushions do not have a seem as one piece of leather is used to give a cleaner, more luxurious look. 
Its beautiful shape, comfortable seating and durable use is best for your home, office or hotel shop decoration.
Barcelona Chair in leather
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