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How to Choose the Right Sofa


Think Function First.
When you’re making a sofa purchase, start the process by narrowing down the function of the piece. Are you buying a sofa for a formal living room that you only use when company comes over? Or are you in search of a workhorse that the entire family can pile onto for movie nights, game days, and afternoon naps? Do you need something that will stand up to kids and pets? Or are you looking for a style statement that you can design the rest of your room around? Narrowing down what you want out of your sofa will help you quickly weed out what won’t work, and avoid getting distracted by styles or silhouettes that might be beautiful, but not practical.


Size it Up.
Size is another important factor in your sofa purchase, because it plays a role in both the functionality of the piece and the flow of your home. You might want a large sectional that fits a crowd for your family room, but if your purchase something too large, it could throw off the scale of the entire space or block natural traffic flow around the room. The same goes for sofas that are too small. You may love the look of a tailored, modern sofa, but if it’s going in a cavernous great room with high ceilings and an open floor-plan, it might end up feeling insubstantial by comparison.

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