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How to Create A Cozy Living Room?


Is your living room functional but not as inviting as you’d like? Don’t fret. There are several simple ways to make it feel more like a room you actually want to hang out in.

1. Don’t make the TV your full-time focal point. Televisions, like smartphones, can deter conversation. Don’t let your TV take away your valuable social connections.

If you have the space in your home, move your TV to another room, such as a den. This way, you can actually live in your living room, whether that’s talking to your significant other, kids or friends you’re entertaining.

If your TV must go in the living room, consider concealing it behind cabinetry. You can also partially or fully insert it into a wall niche or built-in and add doors, as shown here.


2. Anchor floating furniture. If your sofa sits in the middle of your living room, anchor it with a sofa table so it doesn’t look like a floating island. This will make the area seem more structured and substantial instead of looking as though something is missing.

You can put a lamp or two on the table to create a reading spot where side tables won’t fit. Plus, a sofa table draws your eye away from unsightly upholstery seams or lesser grades of leather on the back of your sofa.

Ideally, the table should be a bit lower than the sofa back. Tables substantially higher tend to look a bit off and can knock the back of heads.

3. Throw in some curves for inclusiveness and comfort. Curves are intuitively more inviting than rectilinear shapes. Rounded and soft, they tend to make us feel more protected and comforted.

Creating a quasi circle, this pair of curved sofas fosters inclusivity. One side completes the other, so neither sofa feels cut off, making conversation more relaxed.

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