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How to Design A Living Room of Your Dreams

The living room is probably the most exciting yet challenging space you’ll have to design and decorate in your home. Creating a functional, yet enjoyable space for you, your family and any guests to enjoy can take time, energy and serious planning!

The process of designing your living room can be really fun, too. Picking out a comfortable seating can mean visiting your favorite home decor stores and testing out different chairs and sofas. Some people may get excited at the electronics that go in a living room! The possibilities are endless but the living room should absolutely be a reflection of your tastes, interests and experiences!


The first step to designing your living room is to determine its purpose. Will this be a formal living room for hosting guests and events, or will it be a casual family room for lounging? Having a clear purpose for the living room from the get go will help you may key decor decisions when you need to.

I can’t imaging I’m sharing a secret with you when I say that Pinterest is a great place to start saving ideas for your living room decor plans. If you haven’t already, then create a board specifically for this room so you can start narrowing down your style. Having a source of inspiration for your living room will make the decorating process a ton easier!

What is your decorating style? What are you most drawn to? Farmhouse style is very popular these days. Other popular decorating styles include Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian, French Country, and Coastal.

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