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How to Use Mid Century Modern Style in Your Space


If you want to bring the mid century modern style into your home, try not to go all-out, all at once (as tempting as it may be!). Many pieces of mid-century modern tend to be bright and bold, so a space decked out in the full aesthetic may feel a little overpowering. This is especially true if you’re buying pieces just to buy them; as with other styles, make sure to build your vision slowly and steadily.

Why Mid-Century Modern Is Still Popular Today

Today, people move more frequently than in the past and often live in small urban condos or apartments. The clean lines, organic curves, mix-and-match materials and multifunctional designs of mid-century modern are the perfect match for this lifestyle. These simple, well-designed objects are timeless, and they still feel fresh.


The Furniture

While you can seek out authentic mid-century modern pieces, it isn't necessary to spend tons of money to get this look. Current manufacturers have adapted the most sought-after mid-century modern furniture and design elements to suit contemporary life by updating fabric and material, and new manufacturing techniques help make these pieces very affordable. Look for furniture that has geometric, curving lines and multiple uses.

The Colors

Midcentury modern colors were often bright or saturated and emphasized certain design elements. These colors aren't as popular today, but you can still achieve this look by tempering one colorful statement piece with more neutral or muted colors.

The key to bringing midcentury modern style into your home is not trying to replicate it exactly. This will only look outdated. Start with basic, iconic midcentury modern armchairs or a table, and work out from there. Avoid clutter and, instead, embrace negative space.

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