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How Do Replica Designer Chairs Stack Up? A Review Of Sorts!


Its no secret that design­ers are often at their desks morn­ing to night… and then some.

If you are study­ing design and have star­ted to notice that your lower back is giv­ing you aches and pains, chances are it’s not your age… It’s your chair! Read on for a (sort of) review of the best that rep­lica designer chairs has to offer…

The Con­tenders

replica Eames chair

Replica Eames chair

When your career is up and run­ning, a Her­man Miller or Eames chair may make you feel like you’ve “made it”. Until that day, we have reviewed the next best thing, and judged with our backs, but­tocks and good old fash­ioned eco­nomic sense, whether the rep­lica may just suffice.
Firstly we have to admit that all styles of chairs per­formed far bey­ond our expect­a­tions. They arrived in boxes and were assembled eas­ily with three parts only to each chair. All chairs are without a doubt the best look­ing chairs that we have ever had through the office, des­pite that fact that a few of us own some pretty pricey chairs.

The chrome fin­ish­ings are of high qual­ity and the mech­an­isms: rolling base, height and tilt adjust­ments smooth and deign of chairs at three times their price. The leather of good qual­ity, and the look well worthy of Eames… Nat­ur­ally! The arm­rests are very com­fort­able, and fit nicely under a stand­ard size office desk.

To see the spe­cif­ics, height, price etc of each the chairs, be sure to fol­low the links below to sup­pli­ers found nearest to you.

Update as of June 2011…
We have just tested this new Lobby Man­age­ment chair, we loved it! We have been ditch­ing our soft pads for a moment on the “Golden one” as it now named in the office. This is basic­ally the soft pad’s big brother. Admit­tedly the yel­low is not for everybody’s decor, but our design school stu­dio looks all the more funky for it. Highly recom­men­ded addi­tion to the range.

The Soft Pad Man­age­ment Chair

The Soft Pad Man­age­ment Chair

This chair was voted unan­im­ously the most com­fort­able chair of the four, and one may argue, the most com­fort­able chair in the office (com­pet­ing with a few chairs priced at least 3 times it’s price). As with all of the chairs, the swivel action is smooth and the recline easy and com­fort­able. We know for a fact that a few of our vis­it­ing graphic designer friends and col­leagues went out to order these for their own stu­dios, after fall­ing in love with it’s look and feel. Yes, the feel… Never has a but­tocks loved any­thing more (not since the inven­tion of 4 ply any­way). The pad­ding is fit for a king and the back sup­port just right. We highly recom­mend this chair to any­one who val­ues their back as well as the look of their stu­dio, a real win­ner for it’s price.

Second Place

The Man­age­ment Chair

The Man­age­ment Chair

Hon­estly, not really a close second, as the win­ner really blows this chair out of the water for all day com­fort. As with all of the chairs the mech­an­ism is smooth and easy to oper­ate. Prob­ably the best look­ing chair of the four. As it’s name sug­gests the Man­age­ment chair, would be very well suited to an extra chair for the occa­sional vis­itor, or for a board room. Only slightly cheaper in price than the first, the dif­fer­ence makes the first an even more worth­while invest­ment. Now out in red, we like this one for spunk!

The Mesh Chairs

The Mesh Chairs

We tried both the high and low back Mesh chair. A great look­ing chair with the same smooth sys­tem as the oth­ers. We couldn’t really give an hon­est review of the dif­fer­ence between the high and low back, as the both suited even our tallest employee at 6ft3. The high back, how­ever does offer you a little more sup­port if you are illus­trat­ing or using a tab­let, and like to chill back and recline. The mesh chairs were the least com­fort­able for the but­tocks of the 3 styles, the nylon fiber being harder than one would ima­gine, as we did not test the chairs for much more than one month, its hard to say whether the mesh would soften a little over time. We sug­gest if you need to opt for the cheapest of the chairs that the mesh back is still a great buy. It could per­haps bene­fit from the addi­tion of a soft cush­ion, for your but­tocks sake, with that inclu­sion we think it could really pass for a good all day chair. All ques­tion of but­tocks aside, the mesh chairs offers fant­astic back support.

The Con­clu­sion
No longer will we waste money on the ‘real deal’. We have unan­im­ously decided at The Graphic Design School, that we would much rather save money with a rep­lica chair and have a big night out on the town, (or a new mac) than invest­ing thou­sands in a designer chair. Next chair update we are head­ing straight to Milan Dir­ect. Excit­ing news! Milan Dir­ect are open­ing up in the UK before xmas.



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