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How To Take Apart A Sectional Sofa

Easy Steps To Disassemble Sectional Sofa
The sectional sofa is large pieces of furniture which can be easily divided into separate pieces, the process of separating makes it easier to move and rearrange them as per need. The sections are usually joined together with the clamp mechanism. So disassembling the Sectional Sofa is actually disassembling the clamp from the pin. The steps to disassemble the Sectional Sofa are as follows:

Remove The Cushions: The first Step is to remove the cushions from the sectional sofas before starting the disassembling process.
Grab The Corner: Now the next step is to grab the corner, simply locate the corner area of the sectional sofa. Then look for the lip that is running around the top perimeter of the corner and carefully slide the fingers under it.
Lift The Corner: Once the lip is located then lift the corner piece all the way up, here the entire corner piece should be lifted up from the sectional jaw clamps.
Pull: Now the user needs to move to the sofa section, that was previously fitted to the corner piece and hold the outer edge. Here the user needs to pull this edge straight out so that the section is separated from the rest of the Sectional Sofa. Repeat the process in case the sectional sofa has more than one detachable section.

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