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How To Tell A Quality Knoll Barcelona Replica From A Poor Copy


The Small Details make big differences

           No matter what the product looks like, the demand for low priced alternatives often lead to below par production copies flooding the market.

           We feel strongly that not only cheap and poor copies of the Barcelona Chair fail miserably to do this iconic classic justice,  we also believe that their sub standard nature betrays a lot about the features of the people who both sell and buy them.

           This is why we only provide competitive price, high quality replicas of the Barcelona Chair that observe the essence of the original—the leather, the stainless steel, the foam, the buttons, the stitching, the pipes, the specification and the craftsmanship that goes into creating each and every one of our Barcelona Chairs are all premium standard.


The 4 main features to tell the differences

            And how to tell a cheap copy from the a high reproduction one as ours? Please find the 4 main features below:

            1. The correct proportion of the cushions?

            One of the most obvious differences is the proportion of the cushions. The photo below shows how the cushion should be in relation to the frame.

 Red  Barcelona Chair

           Thin cushions

           The cushions on cheaper copies are often too thick and bulky. As a consequence, they tend to sag and look ungainly as opposed to oozing elegance. The cheap. inferior quality foam used in sub standard reproductions not only creates this undesirable sagging effect, it also feels uncomfortable to sit on as well as looking mis-shapen, therefore reflecting the poor quality of its manufacture.


           2. The chair upholstered in high quality leather ?
           Low quality Barcelona Chairs are often upholstered with low quality leather. Just compared to the price of leather, the price varies as much as 2 time.

The Barcelona Chair

Real high quality aniline leather

          The premium quality aniline leather is favoured bu leather lovers and purists the world over for its luxurious texture and rich color. Over time they develop a wonderful patina. Patina is the term used to describe the desirable and natural aging effect or breaking-in of the leather that deepens its colour and softness. It also highlights the natural grain of the leather.

          3. Button and piping correct?

          The buttons on the cushions of the Barcelona Chair should be small, measuring approximately the size of a five pence coin. The piping is the same material as the cushion body-leather.

 brown barcelona chair

Little buttons and leather piping 

           Notice the quality of the piping on the Barcelona Chair image to the above - our Barcelona Chair. On cheap copies the piping is often of poor quality and misaligned, or in some cases missing altogether. As Mies Van der Rohe himself once said "God is in the details." Our beautiful Barcelona Chair embraces the very essence of this most important of statements


           4. Stainless steel frame made of the grade stainless steel and thickness ?

           Like the original version, we only use high quality grade 304# solid stainless steel to a thickness of 12mm in the manufacture of our Barcelona Chairs. What's more, our steel is highly finished to give a gleaming mirror like finish.

 thickness stainless steel

12mm thickness stainless steel with mirror shining polished

           Inferior Barcelona Chair use cheaper steel or aluminum to be polished, which are easy to be rasted in 3 months, especially the flat stainless steel.



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