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How judge a Mid-century furniture Reproduction for quality?

Nowadays, more and more people tend to buy furniture directly from the factory because of the high quality and relatively lower price compare to the store. As for the furniture manufacturer or factory ,people can find a lot of companies through the searching engine. The key words can be “Modern Classic furniture manufacturer/factory”, “stainless steel furniture factory”, etc, it depend on your personal needs. But the problem is that how can we distinguish a good enough furniture just by some pictures and products descriptions.

  So China Yadea as a leading manufacturer of high quality mid-century furniture replica want to share some tips about how to choose a good quality furniture on the Internet.

Take our Barcelona Chair and Ottoman Reproduction as an example.

1.About dimension. The dimension of the reproduction should be true to the original design.

2.About leather. Some factory use faux leather on the cushions’ back/side and pipe instead of genuine leather to decrease the cost, but it will influence the whole outlook and the durability of the chair. The side and pipe of our Barcelona Chair and Ottoman Reproduction are Top Genuine Leather or Aniline Leather .

3.About cushion. The cushion of the furniture determine the level of comfort, and its durability. The cushion of our Barcelona chair and ottoman is upholstered by full top genuine leather and filled up with high-density sponge, to ensure its ability to retain its shape and stability in the years to com

4.About frame. The whole frame of our Barcelona pavilion chair is made of polished stainless steel, which is polished chrome hand-ground and hand-buffed to a mirror finish. In a good quality In a good quality frame, special attention is paid to the joints, which are glued, dowelled and screwed.

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