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How much of the Barcelona chair in Aniline leather?


          How much of the Barcelona chair in Aniline leather ? The original Aniline leather Barcelona chair usually need $5,000USD - $7,000.USD. Wow, its so expensive , i think you needn't spend so much money on the original Aniline leather Barcelona chair. Its not worth. But if you are really want to enjoy the Aniline leather Barcelona chair, you can have a look the reproduction Aniline leather Barcelona chair. The China Yadea will be a good choice. I think our product quality and price that will let you very satisfied.

          Now, let me introduce our products.

          Barcelona chair upholstered in Full Aniline Leather adds a little more luxury to your designer lounge chair, the imported Aniline leather is soft yet durable, has a modern look, you would like to use it to decoration for your home or office. Barcelona chair available in many colors also with ottoman for your choice! White, black, Red, Dark brown, Light brown for your choice!


Red Aniline leather Barcelona chair(

          Barcelona chair do you like it?  Reproduction in the style of Mies Van Der Rohe's brown Barcelona chair .The red Barcelona chair is one of the most recognize & sought after furniture designs in the world.

          The black Barcelona chair looks super like the original one, for every detail it is copy from the original, we are doing the high quality, all are the real aniline leather upholstery, including the piping, button covers, with high skill handcraft, I believe all the Barcelona fans would like it.


Black Aniline leather Barcelona chair
 Whole appearance

           Any interest in this Aniline leather Barcelona chair, please feel free to contact us.



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