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How to Arrange Furniture in a Living Room


          I have a very interesting layout in my home. It basically consists of one big living room that is opened up to a kitchen and eating area, and a hallway with three rooms and a bathroom attached to it. I’ve never really seen a home like it before, and it is part of the reason why we love it so much.


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          However, having a home that consists of one big room is not very practical once you throw some furniture into the mix. We struggle with how to split up the space while encouraging flow between the areas.

          Do you have this problem as well? Does your home feel disjointed? Here are some ideas on how to improve the traffic flow of your home.


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Improve Your Home Traffic Flow


1. Remove Blockages

          When walking into a room, you don’t want to walk into the back of a couch, for example. There shouldn’t be anything blocking your way in or through. Here are some ideas on how to fix the situation:

          Try various layouts. People tend to get stuck with the original layout that they came up with for a room. Draw the area out on paper, and see what ideas you can come up with.

          Get creative. Could you put some of your furniture kitty-corner? Moving my couch kitty-corner really opened up my main room so that it was easier to walk through.

          Just start moving stuff. Move furniture to a new layout and leave it there for a few days. Even if you think it looks weird, the layout may be very practical and grow on you. When I recently moved furniture around in my house, my husband thought it didn’t look good. But after a few days, he grew to really like the new setup.

           Keep the foot traffic to one side.One of the main difficulties in arranging furniture for a long, narrow room is where to have people walk through. The number one thing to avoid is sending your foot traffic between a seating piece and the coffee table in front of it.This condo's main living areas are one long rectangle with tall ceilings that made it feel even more narrow. You can see that there is a French door to the patio on one end.

2. Remove Furniture

          If you cannot improve the flow of your home by rearranging the furniture, try removing some furniture. Perhaps you don’t really need a coffee table or so many chairs. Removing a piece or two of furniture can really give you more space and layout options, and it might help you make some extra cash with a garage sale. Avoid the temptation of constantly buying new furniture.

          Place furniture in a corner arrangement with the foot traffic angling across open space.In this living room, the door opens right into one side, and a console table keeps you from walking straight down that side. But because the furniture has been placed in a nice conversational grouping in one corner, people can easily walk through the room past the furniture at an angle across the carpet.If you’re really having a difficult time with the layout or flow of your home, ask for help. Invite some friends over and see what ideas they may have. This would be a cheap and fun activity, and you may get some great design ideas.


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Barcelona chair replica

          What tips do you have for improving the overall flow and function of your home?

          If you need free-standing storage pieces, placing them at the end of the room keeps it from looking narrower. Notice that again you are seeing the seating pieces placed perpendicular to the length of the room.





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