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How to buy Barcelona chair for for your hotel project ?


          DAYTONA BEACH -- Volusia County Chair Frank Bruno said guaranteeing a potential convention hotel's success,the good environment and comfortable furniture is very importand, such as the high quality barcelona chair, so how to buy Barcelona chair for your hotel project that is become important now.


Barcelona chair for for your hotel project


          Butts in chairs. It’s certainly not the most eloquent visual associated with seating, but it’s pretty much the bottom line when considering the comfort, aesthetics, and profitability associated with selecting the right barcelona chair for hotel project & food.

         “Comfort is certainly a key consideration for F&B managers, meeting planners, convention & conference managers, and other event coordinators,” says Greg Jewell, president of AEC Management, a leading event planning and association management firm, based in Louisville, Kentucky. Jewell notes the level of comfort experienced by one’s tush, legs, and back, especially during day-long seminars and breakout sessions, often contribute positively or negatively to an attendee’s evaluation.



          Kubryk agrees. “The hotel must also consider the look and design of the barcelona chair to make sure it blends well with the décor.

          The look must be sustained over several years to add significant value to the purchase of the barcelona chairs. “Because of our location,” says Menas, “we have the opportunity to consult with the automobile industry“(regarding technology and innovations). Menas, who asserts Yadea has the best powder coating finish in the industry, walks through the process used by several manufacturers in which a dry paint is electrostatically charged so it attracts to the metal chair. The paint is then oven-baked for a durable resilient finish.Kubryk also attests to uniqueness in stacking Barcelona chairs for hotel project. “There has not been much evolution in the design of stacking chairs for the past 50 years or so,”


the barcelona chair


          Kubryk says “Our Barcelona chairs are intended to look more like European-style dining chairs than typical stacking chairs. These chairs feature increased scale tubing, rich finishes, and Parsons leg bases—all design elements not typically associated with banquet chairs. The result is something that looks more residential and less commercial, yet still exceeds the most stringent hospitality seating requirements. Also, our products are geared to satisfying the design team as well as the F&B team: our one-half handle is not visible from the front of the chair, though it is still fully functional; our three-wheel transporters are customized for each chair model and reduce the stress on hotel employees when transporting stacks of chairs.”



         “Think total cost, not first cost.” This should be the philosophy of everyone involved in smart chair purchasing (or any procurement), implores Menas of Yadea Seating. He says this includes looking at several factors including what he calls “the genealogy of the chair,” that is, all the raw materials that contribute to the final product as well as the lineage of the company that builds it.


the barcelona chair


          Barcelona Chairs often are not treated delicately by either the F&B team or guests. “The chairs must be easy to handle, transport, and set up by the F&B staff,” advises Kubryk, “so they can turn a room quickly. Details like chair handles and easy-to-maneuver transporters can shave hours off the set-up process in a large facility. Last, but most important, is the chair’s durability. 

What to look for when purchasing barcelina chair for hotel project


          Know the workplace and working conditions of your supplier. "The average employee has been with Yadea for 13 years," touts John Menas, VP of sales for Yadea Seating. As advanced as chair making has become, it is still technically a craft and low turnover of craftsmen is important.


          "You don't want to (have to) invoke your warranty," says Menas, who believes warranties should primarily exist to assure the customer they have purchased a quality product. Yadea chairs come with a 5 year warranty, which Menas reports has consistently stood the test of time.


Barcelona chair for for  hotel project


          From bending over backward to expediting a time-sensitive order, to offering expert advice on the right barcelona chair for the right application, to quickly following up on customer questions and/or concerns, the customer is still king. Menas quips that if the customer is truly the king, then why compromise on their throne.


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