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Individual and Unique Sofa


The sofa can be said to be a big part of the home, and it is also the beauty of the living room space. Whether it is at home, guests, or just family sitting and chatting, the sofa accompanies us virtually every moment. Therefore, the choice of sofa is also a top priority. Here are a few sofa brands worth collecting for everyone.
B&B is simply the originator of the modern sofa, the handle of the sofa industry, every one is a favorite. And B&B has never spared no effort to innovate in terms of materials. The "cold foamed polyurethane" jointly developed with Bayer (for one-piece, high-elastic sofa), the "Daclon filler" (added to the sofa frame) in cooperation with DuPont. , not easily deformed), used in various places on his sofa.
Put him in any corner of any room, you can instantly improve the force there!
If you want to choose a delicious and inexpensive product without too high requirements for design, then NATUZZI is definitely the only choice. The biggest selling point for NATUZZI is that it is comfortable, comfortable, comfortable, and would rather sacrifice beauty to be comfortable! This is also the reason why I chose it, because it is really comfortable.

Minotti is the representative of light luxury in Italian furniture. His key characteristic is to fully interpret the concept of "Made in Italy". Minotti has a very high pursuit of craftsmanship. In terms of product materials, Minotti pursues 100% real materials, and the selected leather is entirely from European leather. The selection of leather is also done under the careful guidance of experts, with strict control over quality and possible flaws. A new collection of fabrics exclusively developed by the Minotti Design Studio, exclusively produced by selected suppliers, with extremely high quality standards.
Poltronafrau officially became the supplier of Italian royal furniture in 1926, and has become the exclusive royal furniture of the entire European royal family in the past 100 years. poltronafrau insists on using leather and pure natural materials, insists on choosing only top-quality leather with a fully hand-made process, and insists on making only in Italian factories. POLTRONAFRAU is also known as the "wind vane of the Italian furniture industry" with a high collection value. In Italians, it is not just furniture, it expresses a timeless and irreplaceable value.

DELO Sofa is a modern furniture brand under YADEA FURNITURE, focusing on the distribution of various modern, classic and simple furniture. For the majority of consumers, DELO can definitely become a good assistant for you to create an ideal living room.

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