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Interior Design Styles-Modern & Contemporary Styles


The Basics
Modern and contemporary styles have outlasted many trends over the last century and are here to stay. These styles thrive in a bright, open space and value simplicity.

Colors & Materials
If you're looking to design a modern or contemporary room, stick to a simple color palette with muted neutrals and a few bold punches of saturated colors (think: red, indigo, and orange). Modern design favors earthy elements, so choose natural materials, like wood, stone, and fiber, but pair them with metal and glass for a balanced look. For example, choose furniture that is made from wood – like a low-profile TV stand – and pair it with brass light fixtures and a jute rug. Chrome, glass, and steel are a few other favored materials.

One of the hallmarks of modern design is the sleek, low-profile furniture with clean lines, organic silhouettes, and tapered legs. Modern and contemporary bed frames, dressers, and vanities look like they float because of the skinny or nonexistent legs. Stick to smooth knobs or cutout handles.


Keep decor to a minimum and stick to purposeful pieces. Roll out a hemp or jute rug and invest in a bold, retro light fixture. Paint one accent wall or consider hanging up a few abstract art pieces. You may have to pull a Marie Kondo to simplify your space, but you'll be able to enjoy a glass of wine in a calm, modern environment.

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