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Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table


Simply blended wood and glass in a highly artistic design to create one of the most elegant design-coffee table which stood up the test of time.Beautiful shape of the glass top and legs.

Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table

Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table


Triangle is the most stable shape in the world, so Isamu Noguchi follow the idea to create the delicate work. The Noguchi Coffee Table is a very smart elegant design-two piece of solid woods make up a triangle to afford the heavy triangle glass top, which break principle the traditional square and round coffee table.


Designed in 1944 by Isamu Noguchi has become one of the most distinguished pieces of modern classics furniture. This iconic design was originally made for Conger Goodyear, President of the Momma and symbolize the sculptural furniture of mid century modern design.

White painted legs Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table

White painted legs Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table


This coffee table designed by famouse designer Isamu Noguchi from Japan,an the plastic tip to protect the glass top and also make the top more stable and safe.


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