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Kids replica panton chair from China Yadea Furniture


                The Panton Chairs are furniture design classics, created by Verner Panton back in 1960. Kids Replica Panton Chair - This item is a replica, it is not the original item and it is not manufactured by the original manufacturers.The Kids replica panton chair is produced in the style of the original adults design.

                The cantilever base and carefully considered shape ensure that it offers a high level of comfort to the user. This chair is practical, beautiful design icon that will liven up any space without breaking the bank. This version is produced using ABS plastic.
                 Now the classic replica panton chair can be enjoyed by your children. Our panton chairs are exact replica's of the original design, reduced in size for your child to enjoy.


Kids replica panton chair



                Colour: White, purple, green, orange, blue, red

                Type: Childrens Furniture

                Dimensions: 49cm Height / 39cm Width / 31cm Depth / 26cm Seat Height


Kids replica panton chair

Kids replica panton chair


Kids replica panton chair

Kids replica panton chair


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