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LC3 Grand Modele Sofa Set
As a professional modern classic furniture supplier, Yadea has produced many kind of furniture for customer. Today Yadea will introduce a famous sofa set for you, which it typically named LC3 Grand Modele Sofa.
LC3 sofa
These sofa set was designed by Le Corbusier., and the Le Corbusier group referred to their LC2 and LC3 Collections (1928) as "cushion baskets," which they designed as a modernist response to the traditional club chair. For the special sofa, there are also some element you should know.  Yadea's LC3 sofa replica is upholstered with genuine leather, and enclosed in a painted stainless steel tube cage that constitutes the primary support system. 
leather sofa
All of these aspect make the well-known sofa comfortable and elegant. And these leather sofa set include three type sofa, which can be great sofa combination for you living room. And the elegant minimalism and industrial rationale of the International style allow it to match different style room. So do you love this LC3 sofa?
modern classic sofa
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